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A Vision for Development of Karnataka


Sarve bhavantu sukhinah|Sarve santu niramayah
Sarve bhadrani pasyantu | Ma kascit dukha bhagbhavet||

Happiness be unto all
Perfect health be unto all
May all see what is good
May all be free from suffering


Core Elements of Karnataka’s Vision 2020 are as follows:


  • Ensure safety and security of all citizens and uphold peace and communal harmony
  • Eliminate poverty and deprivation at all levels and achieve Millennium Development Goals
  • Enhance human capabilities to promote equitable growth covering all sections of people and regions of the State.
  • Make Karnataka a globally competitive destination and a leader among Indian States.
  • Institutionalize good governance across the State through enhanced transparency, accountability and participation.


The following are the Twelve transformations proposed to achieve the Vision:


  • Increase rural incomes through greater viability of agriculture and allied activities.
  • Focus on job-oriented growth through concomitant skill development of the workforce.
  • Develop the State as a vibrant knowledge society.
  • Improve access and availability of quality healthcare for all.
  • Achieve a sustainable and orderly process of industrialisation and urbanisation.
  • Enhance opportunities and empower women across economic, social and political spheres
  • Bridge the gap between socially backward and vulnerable groups and rest of the people
  • Improve energy availability and develop infrastructure to boost productive potential of economy
  • Preserve and promote Karnataka’s rich heritage
  • Ensure sustainability of the State’s environment and natural resources
  • Build and sustain Bangalore’s leadership in science, technology and knowledge based industries
  • Improve governance through wider participation and deep democratic decentralisation


Six Mission Groups viz, Human Development, Rural Economic development, Decentralisation and governance, Social Empowerment, Infrastructure & Industrial Development and Heritage have been constituted to achieve the Vision.


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