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About Human Development Division

Human Development Division is a part of the Planning, Programme Monitoring and Statistics Department.

It carried out the following activities;

  • The first Karnataka Human Development Report (KSHDR) was published in 1999 and The second Karnataka Human Development Report (KSHDR) was brought out in 2005.
  • During 2005-08, State prepared District Human Development Reports for the districts of Kalaburagi, Mysuru, Udupi and Vijayapura with the assistance of UNDP to assess the status of human development indicators at the Taluk levels and the reports were released in 2010. It is a matter of pride that the reports of Udupi and Vijayapura districts were nationally recognized. The first ever India Human Development Award – Manava Vikas – was awarded to the DHDR of Udupi district for 'focus on innovation in measurement'.
  • Karnataka is the first State in the country to bring out District Human Development reports for all the 30 districts in the state simultaneously with assistance of the Zilla Panchayaths in 2014. A standard Guidelines Document (GD) was developed and implemented to bring about uniformity across districts. Seven unique indices (Human Development Index (HDI) comprises of 11 indicators, Gender Inequality Index (GII) comprises of 15 indicators, Child Development Index (CDI) comprises of 3 indicators, Food Security Index (FSI) comprises of 18 indicators, District Composite/Composite Taluk Development Index (DCDI/CTDI) comprises of 68 indicators, Urban Development Index (UDI) comprises of 11 indicators and Composite Dalit Development Index (CDDI) relating to human development identified and computed. Two district level and three taluk level workshops were conducted in each district during the preparatory stage. Quality Monitoring Group(QMG) constituted for each district to ensure quality of reports.
  • The Planning, Programme Monitoring and Statistics Department took up the task of preparing a document with an intention to provide succinct and relevant information on key human development and related indices that have been extracted from all 30 DHDRs at a single and easily referable place. The document is entitled, “Human Development: Performance of Districts, Taluks and Urban Local Bodies in Karnataka, 2014 – A snapshot”.It presents details on the relative performance of districts / taluks/ urban local bodies (ULBs) on various indices.
  • Karnataka is the first state in the country to bring out report on Human Development: Performance of Grama Panchayaths in Karnataka-2015 with assistance of Abdul Nazir Sab State Institute of Rural Development.
  • The third Karnataka State Human Development Report (KSHDR) -2015 with the theme “Accelerating Equitable Human Development” has brought out in Feb-2019
  • Karnataka State is preparing the First ever “Bengaluru Urban Human Development Report”.
  • The Center for Public Policy, IIM Bengaluru, Co-ordinated with Human Development Division and prepared “Karnataka Innovation report”.
  • The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a bold, universal agreement to end poverty in all its dimensions and craft an equal, just and secure world- for people, planet and prosperity by 2030. There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets as given by the UN and adopted by India. The SDGs cover a broad range of social and economic development issues.Theseinclude povertyhungerhealtheducationclimate hangegender equalitywater,sanitationenergyenvironment and social justice.
  1. State has formed SDG Cell under Planning Department assisted by NFI New Delhi, to provide Technical supports for the attainment of SDGs.
  2. For finalization of The State Action Plan, all 17 Goal committees conducting regular meetings and the preparation of   goal wise action plans is  under process.
  3. To create awareness on Sustainable Development Goals at District, Taluk and GP level, State coordinated with ATI and SIRD to organize capacity building trainings and to develop training Modules, to impart  training to the officers, officials and elected representatives.
  4. State is developing IEC materials on Sustainable Development Goals.
  • SDG India Index: Base line Report 2018 and a dashboard, highlights the progress on 62 priority national indicators, action is being taken to update the information regularly on the dashboard.

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