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  The functional responsibilities of the Plan, Finance and Resources Division include

  1. Co-ordination and preparation of sectoral allocations for departments.
  2. Working out inter-sectoral allocations for State Sector schemes based on
  • Resource availabilities and department’s requirements
  • Central and State share of Centrally Sponsored Schemes
  • Externally Aided Projects
  • Special Development Plan etc. Financial and physical progress achieved by the  department  will also be considered.

       3.Communication of outlays to line departments.

       4.Preparation of documents on the schemes of State Government based on budget documents in two volumes I and II.    

Volume I covers write-up of all schemes i.e., description of the schemes, objective of the scheme, beneficiaries of the scheme, outcome of the scheme and implementation details of the scheme etc.  

Volume II covers all Statistical statements which include sector-wise and scheme-wise allocations for previous year and current year,  major Physical targets and Achievements, details of EAP projects, details of CSS Schemes/ SCP and TSP schemes.  The division also co-ordinate in

   (i) Organising meetings with NITI Aayog

   (ii) Preparing speeches of Hon’ble Chief Minister for NITI Aayog meetings.  

The division also contributes important chapters  to Economic Survey namely, Fiscal Development & State Finances,  Skill Development Entrepreneurship & Livelihood, Food Security through Public Distribution System, Forests, Climate Change & Mitigation Measures, Welfare Programmes for Scheduled Castes, Welfare Programmes for Scheduled Tribes, Developmental Programmes for the Welfare of Backward Classes, Developmental Programmes for the Welfare of Minorities etc.  

The division holds series of meetings with Finance Department and line departments to firmup the size of the uncommitted portion of the Budget.  After working out proposed State sector allocations for uncommitted portion of the budget, take the approval of the Hon’ble Minister of Planning and the Chief Secretary and communicate the same to line departments and request the line departments to prepare schematic details.  These allocations will be discussed in the pre budgetary meetings chaired by the Hon’ble Chief Minister. 

  The division has developed e-yojana software with the help of NIC for State sector schemes.  This software will help the departments to propose their scheme wise requirements to the Planning Department.  The proposed State Sector allocations by the Planning Department will be communicated to all the departments through this software.  

PFR Division is the nodal division for the following departments.  The division offers the opinion of the Planning department on the proposals received by these departments. 

  1. Commerce and Industries
  2. Cooperation
  3. Infrastructure Development
  4. Information Technology & Bio-Technology
  5. Sericulture and
  6. Finance

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